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Infrared Thermometer

There are various types of Infrared Thermometer for use in a number of places. They are very hygienic as they do not require touch of any sort. They are useful in prevention of various kinds of germ and virus.

Touch Free Sanitizer Dispenser

The high quality Touch Free Sanitizer Dispenser is offered by us for being used in a number of places where there is a high step count. It helps in reducing the spread of virus as it prohibits the touch of hand.


We are offering the various types of PPE Kit for use in a number of places and medical institutions. They are very safe for use and help in protecting the wearer from various kinds of germs and bacteria.

Mist Spray

The offered Mist Spray is very efficient and made for use in commercial and residential applications. They are easy to use and are very portable. It is very safe and is very highly used in various places as per the need.

Air Purifier Cleaner

The Air Purifier Cleaner is offered by us in various types and designs as per the need. They are very easy to operate and made for use in the various places where they are needed due to the quality of the air.

Electric Cooker
The Electric cookers will help the users to make hot breakfast. These are also useful for the steaming of vegetables. Also, these are used to slow-cook soups, stews and beans.